Green Card Bulletin Wedge

Green Card Bulletin Wedge is an web-wedge developed for automatizing and visualizing the information published by USCIS.

It helps immigration attorneys and applicants tracking the bulletin information efficiently and help them make decisions based on Green Card trends. 


Reduce workload of

tracking complex bulletins

from USCIS


For immigration lawyers, there’s a work called Bulletin Report. It's a monthly work to gather the updated information from the USCIS website for the Green Card candidates.

The USCIS website is not designed for people who frequently use it. So for the lawyers, it contains too much redundant information like the instructions of the original forms, categories of different countries, different Green card types etc. The information is scattered in different pages and the formats of date is written by words and numbers. It causes significant navigation load for lawyers to collect, diagnose, analyze and report these updates to their clients. It usually takes 2 or 3 days to finish this work.

Actually this work can be finished by running a simple automatic script to crawl the aimed information and display it in visual formats in a few seconds.


Tracking the queue of Green Card is a very important yet complex chore to do. The scattered information costs too much manual effort.


Launched a website to help gather and reconstruct the information automatically and display the information intuitively.

My role:

  • Problem Solver

  • Product Designer

  • Data Reconstruction Designer

  • Data Visualizer

  • UI/UX Designer


Significantly reduce the checking process from 2-3 days to a  few seconds, automates  the process of tracking, analyzing, reporting, sharing to both lawyers and Green Card candidates. 

Gather scattered information

The USCIS bulletin is aimed to interpretation the information properly. It launched month by month, thus the USCIS website put it in different pages under time & type tags. However, it causes difficulty to readers already familiar with the terms.  Reconstructing data will bring all information into same page, reduce the navigation load.

Browse dates and view charts at the same time

This simple addition transforms the date indicator browser into a comprehensive content viewer loaded with collaborative utilities. Users can now view charts without jumping around different pages.

Visualize information intuitively

To ensure clear information in of the form, visualized the data and test visualization effect on real data intuitively, replace the word description dates with number differences.

Responsive and Touch friendly

Supports touch friendly tap targets and responsive window handling. That means it’s great for big and little screens (and fingers) alike. It keeps the data display properly when using small screens.

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