One minute US Law

One minute US law is a web-platform gather more than 2000+ professional and free videos and articles to help Chinese international students and new immigrants live in the United State with immigration issues, and help them reach professional attorneys who can speak Mandarin. 

Product Story Video


This video is made for attracting young people like international students (future new immigrants) live in the US.

This little advertisement was widely published in the Chinese community. It generally represents the tough situations that happened in 2020 and some policies against immigrants. 


Orchestrate the relationship of existing legal contents, make them as marketing resource to attorneys, and legal assistance to Chinese speakers (international students, new immigrants etc) . Build connections between these two groups. 


Launched a website platform to offer database of legal contents to the public, add searching engine to navigate the contents, offer accesses to lawyer's website.

My role:

  • Product Designer

  • UI/UX Designer

  • Brander

  • Video Maker

  • Illustrator

Navigate simply by key words.

Or just look around.

Switch button help you change different hot topics on new policies related to immigration and international students! Then you will know what is going on around you!

leave questions for online Q & A conference.

To ensure clear information in of the form, visualized the data and test visualization effect on real data intuitively, replace the word description dates with number differences.

Have a favorite lawyer? 

If there's a lawyer you like, check this lawyer's profile to see more videos he/she created! You can also contact him/her to ask legal assistant!

Product Logic

Deal with two group of people that involve in this product: 


  • Attorneys of Ailaw's connection want to enhance their reputation to attract more clients, thus they create professional video contents to help people understand the latest policies;

  • The Clients have red the contents created by the attorneys can be attracted by the contents thus become the attorney's customers.

Relationships between each element

Create characteristics of the product to fit its target user.

Since our aimed users are the new immigrants (international students), they are more like to use social medias and young, I decide to make the product have its own characteristic.

I think it has to be more welcome to normal people, instead of being too solemn. The community needs to attract the both sides of the clients and attorneys. I think to have two characters to echo the empathy from them will be a good idea. So I designed the characters and advertisement to make the community more adorable.

a. Character: Row (罗)

This character represents the new immigrants or the aliens live in the US. When they need legal help, they have no ideas about what will do next. The unknown future makes him anxious and he wants to find some helpful information on the internet like others.

Concept Design of Row

b. Character: Ai (艾)

This character represents the role of the professional side of the community (lawyers). She is always helpful, wise and professional.

Concept Design of Ai

To see more details, visit the product website.

NOTE: This website is in Chinese (simplified).

Product Image