Hayward, CA, US


· Summary

A full-stack designer has extensive experience working on UX design, interaction design, 3D modeling, 2D design, illustration, motion graphic, code & data.

Provides holistic product solutions in complex contexts related to user goals, business needs, and technology constraints. Delivers rapid/hi-fidelity wireframe, prototype with Figma/XD/Sketch.  Leads data-driven design projects across multiple interfaces. 

· Current

I’m now working in an Agency that helps different clients to optimize their digital products with BX & UX on both mobile & web applications. And lead data-driven UX design projects with web tracking tools, optimize clients’ web products to increase the conversion rate.



· Smooth Cross-Functional Teams With Agile, Holistic Perspective:

With years of experience working with agency/startups, I'm familiar with agile and tense working environments, and thus become cross-functional as broader roles. I can make design decisions in a holistic way, and work smoothly with a cross-functional team. Because I’m pretty familiar with their working context, and always aware of the consistency between different teams as well as potential problems might bring to other teams.

· Specify Motion/Interaction/Data visualization Design:

I have experiences developing projects with front-end code & back-end data, I can guarantee that my designs, especially complex interaction, motion designs can be implemented in a proper way. Also design & display data panels in an informative structure.

· Handle Different Design Tasks:

I can help with doing many types of design works despite UIUX design. I can illustrate for the app, make motion graphics with AE, code on html & css, to push the whole project forward without getting stuck when some incidental works appear.

· Sketch Rapid Informative Diagrams:

When the idea comes to abstract, I can do super quick sketches to visualize my idea in minutes. I have been recording my life with speed-sketch journals for over 15 years. I can do informative speed sketches to help support my presentation even when I'm talking. 


· Bring In Data-Driven UX Design Approach: 

In my current company, I worked on data-driven UX design projects, I tracked and observed user behavior on our web products with tools like Mouseflow, to help my team to locate problems and validate decisions. It allowed me to take a closer look at the most straightforward user reactions without subjective perspectives, sometimes even in subconsciousness that might not be able to notice on their own.

· Build A Research & Design System In My Future Team: 

I've seen the power of it, and I'm excited to continue working in this area, proceed with this testing method in my new team, have constant tests with users, drill in user-concentrated designs, and optimize the product in a solid way instead of guesswork. My long-term goal is to build a research and design system with those observing tools and thus bring something vital into the team.

{ Yi Liu }
Full-Stack Designer