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Sunnyvale, CA, US



  • Xoogler · Product Designer · UX Engineer · illustrator

  • 4y Product Design exp + 3y Digital Design exp + Master Degree in Computer Graphics


  • Work @LingoAce↗, lead and plan the long-term product strategy to upgrade products’ user experience and brand experience.

  • Design its main product and design system, and launch the responsive framework with developers.



Design System Design & Responsive Framework:

  • I have designed, Implemented, and launched several design systems. I can not only deliver a set of design materials, but also know how to layer down the design components to build a component library on implementation perspective.

  • I know how each component and interaction map to each other across different platforms and familiar with how to present a responsive design specs in the Figma and transfer them to front-end attributes (css/html).

Design File Management:

  • I’m familiar with managing design system docs and publish rules, maintain changes and updates of the design system and the whole library across the design team.

Motion/Interaction Design & Prototyping:

  • Familiar with material design and interaction patterns, professional in building prototypes with Figma.

  • Can do complex motion designs with Adobe After Effects, can give specs to guide engineers to implement the interaction.

illustration & Graphic Design:

  • Illustrated the full set of materials of company.

  • Design materials for both Apple store and Google Play.


Product Designer

A professional individual contributor on product designer, doing research and delivery wireframe/Low-Fi/Hi-Fi designs, collaborate with developers and project managers to launch and iterate products.

Design System Designer

Design and deliver a full component set of design materials, design the responsive design across platforms, and offer prototypes and detailed implementation guide to developers, manage design files and docs, update and publish the design system to the teams.

UX Engineer

Professional on bridging designers and engineers, transfer the design into ready-to-implement files. Make motion and interaction designs and prototypes for designs and give detailed implementation specs to engineers.

{ Yi Liu }
Product Designer
Design System Designer
UX Engineer



A little Extra!


Board Game Player

2021 California board game match

Avalon · Blood on the ClockTower · Cascadia · Wingspan · Werewolf, etc...

Hardcore Game Player

Hardest mode · King of Hrólf Kraki

Legends of Zelda, God of War, Elder Ring, Monster Hunter, etc..

  • A puzzle solver, a hard-core player, a strategic game player, and a tough challenger.

  • Pursue the skill and artistry, the thrill of strategy, and solving challenging problems.

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