8 years of design & technology experience including 4 years in UiUx/product design area. 

A comprehensive designer plays a broader role to provide the ture product definition, based on user goals, business needs, and technology constraints. 

Selfmotivated, agile and passionate. 

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Passionate about solving problems with technology, data, and design, I defined myself as a full-stack designer. I believe only comprehensive skills can fit various levels of needs. 


I have 4 years of experience on product designs in startup companies. I am familiar with tense environments. I am always the one cleaning up product logic to fit the demands and frame the app from raw ideas and considering users' experiences in the area of pest control, attorney service, data analysis, and IoT technology. I also had branded the products with logos and made conceptual videos for the products. 

I can always communicate with my team smoothly in different visual dimensions by making precise and quick sketches and diagrams to my teams. And I am willing to build personas and stories for my designs, not only for developers, but also for product users.


I'm also familiar with multiple techniques like code and data that allow me to work well with engineers. In my previous works, when the timeline is tense, I sometimes worked with front engineers with HTML/CSS/JS, and back end engineers or data analysts with data tables using Python and Tableau. Those experiences involve software engineering and data analysis give me a high level of overall sense when I design products. As a result, balancing the engineering workloads to archiving a project, instead of merely designing its appearances, is what I am always chasing for.


Before I became a product/UiUx Designer, I had 3 years of working experience and a bachelor degree in Landscape Architecture. Architecture trained me to design from a big picture, coordinate aesthetics with function, empathize with users. I gained common skills on 2D/3D graphics, aesthetic sense and methodology of designs, as well as a deep understanding of design: Always considering “human” behavior flows as the main frame in designs. As I see, design is all the same, it is a superior set of service, solving problems for humanism, by selecting the best result from limited conditions/resources.


I love my job, I'm fascinated by researching any new tool and technique that could solve problems. As I see, the emergent technologies and methodologies are the gems of wisdom, to make the work easier, and the world better. And this is a job I am doing.