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Arrows & Sparrows

@ Bit Craft Studios

My responsibility:

  • Game UI

  • Storyborad

  • Character arts




  • Product Manager (1)

  • Concept Artist (1)

  • Market Team (n)

  • Engineer Team (n)


3 months

Project Background

Arrows & Sparrows is a game project from Bit Craft Studios. It is now available on iOS, Android, and the Amazon Appstore. The slingshot shooter challenges players to save Goldie the Goldfish from a group of hungry birds.

I was the outsourced designer of the project. I designed the storyboard and help them created the game UI elements (including the backgrounds, game items, icons, etc), app logo, banners, characters, animes. 

Character &  Storyboard Design

A little comic and an anime video introducing the background story of the game. The whole game style was cheerful, cartoonish, and playful. The final results were required to be presented based on vector illustrations. Thus my process is to draft and then trace the draft lines in Corel Draw. Before it was just a pictured storyboard but my client seems to like it a lot and they decide to spend some extra expenses to anime it.

Character Expressions design-to-render examples

character design.jpg

Game storyborad

WeChat Image_20190118120947.jpg
Character Design

Game UI Design

The development environment of the game was back in 2016 when the iOS6 still alive. Back then, flat icons were not yet popular. So the game UI elements were designed in shaded, bulk, and volume styles. So the Ui, icon, logo design kept this feature. 

iOS 6 icons


GAME icon designs

bordered icons 3.png

Too complex

Too crowded


Different GAME logo styles tested on game home screen


Different colors of GAME logo tested on game website


Final Pick

game logo.jpg

I had tried different styles of logos for the game, and we finally decided to use the one with shades, with cyan blue & light orange as our logo.

Tests on iOS 6 screen

phone test 2.jpg
start page update-min.png
phone test1.jpg

Final Release example

Launch Project

The game finally launched at Jan, 2017. You can download and play with it on Google Play and iOS system. It was really great to see the characters run in real and the logo, icons interact with players. All the things were brought to life—an impressive achievement by the whole team. Now 5 years have passed, this old game is not available anymore but I had a great time playing with this project.   

Real game scene render (20).gif
real game capture.gif

launch video

Game UI Design
Final Release
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