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This page includes 3 pieces of sample works during the time period I worked as a freelancer on I earned many projects on it by winning the contests held by clients. This is my freelancer profile. You can find customer feedback here. I chose those projects because I think those projects can present my general level of vector art skills. To see more creative projects of mine, visit my Behance page.

Sky Dragon (2016)

Project Description

SKY dragon is a storyboard game in developing. My responsibility is to cooperate with the game developing group to research visualize the dragons and anime in the developing environment. 

Time Period: 2016.


CorelDraw, Adobe Aftereffect

Design of the dragons

For reaching the best effect, I had changed the style of the dragon many times. The early stages of the dragons are a variety of hand-drawing style and child-book styles. We finally decide to use the high quality of victory art style as the outcome.

Early styles of the dragons

Final design of the dragon

Animme Design

For collection purposes, there are 20 different types of dragons. Each of them has different element properties. The motions will be divided into several tiny parts:

1. Body, controlled by a curve mesh.

2. Different parts of body movements will be controlled by different joints.

Game UI Design

This is a storyboard game, so the style of the Ui also coherent the fancy style. 


Dr. Zombie Series (2015)

Concept Sketches to Vector Illustration Progress Video:

Concept Sketches:


This is a contest project from in the year 2016. I won the contest from 76 entries.

Contest description:

AAU basketball program is looking to have a Mascot Design/symbol icon to go on new uniforms. Design the Mascot with basketball in mind. Team name Stanco Stampede. Colors red white black and gray.


CorelDraw, Adobe Illustrator

Concept Sketches:


Zoo Rush (2016)

This is a contest project from in the year 2016. I won the contest from 86 entries.


Each of these animals will have a distinguished character associated with it which is highlighted next to the character image within the attached file. Make all the illustration front-facing and in 2d flat design. There is also a map sketch that we need into covered into an illustration.

All illustrations must be in vector format and presented in PDF, JPG, and Ai formats.


Adobe Photoshop, Corel Draw.

Concept Sketches:

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